Fatnetizer Fat Magnet

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Fatnetizer Fat Magnet

Thanks to the Fatnetizer fat magnet you’ll eat more healthily! Fatnetizer is very useful to minimise the fat content of meals such as stews, soups or meats.

The Fatnetizer fat magnet is very comfortable and easy to use. Simply hold its metal part to the oil or fat floating on the surface and make it spin to help it attract the fat like a magnet.

Put Fatnetizer in your kitchen and cook fat-free recipes for the whole family!

For correct operation, Fatnetizer must be in the fridge for some hours because its metal part must be cold during use. Made of a special metal alloy and plastic. Easy to clean.

The fat magnet includes a stand. Approx. measures: 12 cm in diameter x 16 cm in height.

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 6 cm




8 reviews for Fatnetizer Fat Magnet

  1. Rob

     Our old knife sharpener was huge, it was a big box like entity that took up half a drawer. Based on it not ‘meeting my wife’s storage needs’ – her words not mine, and it was a few years old I bought this based on size, reviews and price point.The good- It’s small, super small, I have embarrassingly small baby hands and it fits in my palm just fine. It takes up hardly any space at all.- It comes with easy instructions in the packaging, there’s a video referral to go online and watch it in use, and there’s a this way up type plastic sign on the unit to tell you which way to drawer the knife.- It can easily be used one handed which is a great feature especially for those with weaker hands, reduced loss of strength or also the elderly and even for people that might be wary of a traditional knife sharpener.- You simply pop the unit onto a work surface, apply a little pressure to the top and push the lever down, this then creates a suction seal that is very very strong and creates a stable base.- Place your knife at the end with the arrow and draw it backwards, you don’t have to do it at speed, I apply a little pressure and the feedback noise and feel tells you that it’s working, it’s so simple.- After 3 or 4 strokes backwards pop the knife down, release the lever and the unit detatches from the work surface.- All of the knives I have tried with this have been sharpened markedly more than with my previous sharpener and I would say more so than any other product I’ve used before, even the traditional butchers steel I once had couldn’t compete with this from an effort and certainly safety perspective.- The price point is fantastic at under £10, great value.- Most importantly it simply does what it says it will do, makes your kitchen knives super sharp, brilliant product.I don’t have anything negative to add to this or any concerns, I’ll be buying one for my parents as am sure they will benefit from one too.As a product it makes a very bold claim but its one that’s hard to disagree with.Five stars.

  2. Angela Barrington

    On arrival I was really pleased with this product, sharpened my knifes well and I liked the suction idea onto the worktop.However….. two months on and I’m questioning its sharpening ability. Yes it does still sharpen but I find that I have to press down hard whilst drawing the knife back and sometimes have to angle the knife to get the desired edge. On top of that the suction foot has broken.I’m wondering whether or not it can be returned for a replacement or refund.

  3. J. Stratford

    I usually sharpen our Sabatier knives with a steel & used correctly this gives a very sharp & durable edge. Curiosity made me buy this device and quickly found you get what you pay for! It ruined the knife edges and I had to spend time resharpening all our Sabatier knives with my 35 year old steel. Thankfully they are now back to what they were. AnySharp is not to be used on decent good quality knives!

  4. Ammar A.

    This is an extremely efficient knife sharpener. Four or five swipes for a dull knife led to it getting wayyyy sharper than I expected; and then it almost took my thumb off. With great power …

  5. Justin Curry

    Unfortunately this device isn’t as wonderful as portrayed. On a selection of kitchen knives I found them perhaps quite just slightly sharper, certainly not the razor like tools I thought I’d be left with after reading reviews and watching their infomercials. One such suggested you could give anything blunt a knife like Edge. Unfortunately this simply isn’t true as it won’t even get the micro dints out of s normal kitchen blade. I’d recommend looking elsewhere and probably paying a bit more for something that works sadly. Mine was a waste of money.

  6. Andre 87

    Totally usefull, absolutely working
  7. MARIA J.

    It is true that it collects fat.

    One person found this helpful

  8. Mercedes

    It Works perfectly

    4 people found this helpful

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