Philips SPT6254 Wired Keyboard Mouse Combo – UK English Layout

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Philips SPT6254 Wired Keyboard Mouse Combo – UK English Layout
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Philips SPT6254 Wired Keyboard Mouse Combo – UK English Layout

  • Simple plug-and-play wired USB connections
  • Low-profile keys for comfortable quiet typing
  • Thin profile design looks great on your desk
  • High definition optical tracking for smooth control
Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 20 cm




10 reviews for Philips SPT6254 Wired Keyboard Mouse Combo – UK English Layout

  1. Username


  2. avid british reader

    Simple efficient and clean action

    Really smart and smooth action keyboard with fast and simple connectivity- excellent value

  3. Susan Random

    Philips Wired Keyboard and Mouse

    I set this up using Mr Random’s Acer laptop and both the USB keyboard plus the USB mouse work well. Actually, it’s fantastic to use a proper full-sized keyboard again!? The mouse is great too – it’s very responsive.Philips is a well-respected brand and this is a fantastic buy.

  4. Sun Rise

    Good working

    Good working and fast response, good quality too

  5. John

    Simplicity at best!

    A Simple keyboard and mouse combination, with separate USB connectors and these just attach into the rear of a desktop, or laptop etc, and they do they job of working perfectly.A Philips Branded combo and although it has multiple languages on its packaging, it has a sticker on the front confirming the layout of the keyboard itself, in this case UK Qwerty design – with the UK £ symbol on key number 3.The picture on the front of the box has the @ symbol, however this is generic and the keyboard inside is correct as UK layout as described.The Enter Key is also larger and uses two rows, not a single key as the box indicates either.The keyboard with its 1.5m cable length, has clickable legs that tilt it up and has drainage holes incase of water mishaps etc, hopefully you will take care not to spill anything on it though.The mouse supplied also has a 1.5m USB cable and a left and right button, as well as a scroll wheel that is also clickable. with infrared base, (No longer a rollerball mice thank goodness!)It is like the keyboard and mouse you find in the local library computers, or at school, simple, basic has a number pad (great addition!) and they both work as described, with lock keys that have led lights when active or not, and are perfect for any user – these are not by any means specialised device that are for gaming use etc.

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  6. Samtelen

    Cheap in price but great in quality

    This keyboard mouse combo seems well made but the key factor here is the price. definitely worth to buy it even just for keep it as an extra pair of keyboard and mouse if your main one gives up the ghost. It’s hard to belove but still a lot of people using wired peripheral for they are computers especially in office environment. For those people this set is perfect, but also for home use.Keyboard is a standard UK QWERTY layout and has very little space around keys for dirt to accumulate and don’t require to press any harder than you would on a laptop. Both the mouse and keyboard are wired and comes with 1.8m long cable with a USB plug on the end. Compatible with any OS system including Windows, MacOS or Ubuntu. The mouse quality is also good, sensitive, and smooth, and click precise.

  7. Long Story Short 😉

    Good keyboard

    “Long Story Short”Well made soft key keyboardAbsolutely fantastic set for any office or deskKeys are responsive and clicky, soft keys almost noiselessMouse id ergonomic and silentVery well priced keyboard set.Value for money 10 out of 10

  8. Pip Greville

    Straightforward, ‘plug and play’ keyboard and mouse.

    This is a straightforward, standard wired keyboard and mouse. No bells and whistles – it doesn’t have backlit keys or changing colours flashing on the mouse but, if you’re not bothered about that sort of thing, this is a perfect keyboard set for you.My son is off to university shortly and he’s taking the gaming keyboard that’s currently on our desktop with him, so I was looking for a replacement. This will do the job perfectly. It’s a good size, easy to set up (just plug it in and Bob’s your uncle!) and comfortable to use. It has the two little flip-down legs at the back if you find it easier to type with it set it at a slight angle. The motto on the box is ‘wired simplicity’ and that sums it up perfectly.

  9. Mac

    Affordable and excellent quality set of wired keyboard and mouse

    Philips’ keyboard and mouse set is a pair that can be used in office set up as it works great and does the job properly.The keyboard has low-profile keys for comfortable and quiet typing while the mouse has a high definition optical tracking for you to have a smooth control while using it. Both have a thin and very simple design that would definitely look great on your desk. Also, the pair is plug-and-play so it is easier to use, no need to pair in your device, charge it or buy batteries for them to work.I must say that the keyboard reminds me of the good old days when RGB, cute and aesthetically designed keyboards aren’t on the market. I personally like this kind of keyboard since it gets the job done even though it is very simple and plain—the same as the mouse that it came with. The keyboard has very soft keys and does not make a sound even if I am typing too fast. On the other hand, the mouse is also good, sensitive, has a precise click and is very smooth to use.It costs £12 upon writing this review and I must say this pair is a good deal. It is reasonably priced and has of good quality.

  10. J. Shorten

    Keep with it

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     At first i wasn’t overly impressed. It was ok for a bisic keyboard and mouse but i noticed that the keyboard in not flat, as in it doesn’t lay flat and is slightly warped. Also, i found it slid on the desk as i used it.However, i continued using it and it didn’t take long to get used to the keyboard and i put it at an angle, using the feet at the back. Now prefer to use this one rather than my other keyboard. The set is basic but the keyboard has everything you need on it, including the side keypad, yet it doesn’t have the excess plastic around the edges, making more room on your desk for other handy things. I do a lot of multitasking in my office and the compact size if the keyboard is very handy. As i said it’s very basic but it does have it’s positives too.

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