Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Glass Jug, Easy Top II Model, 1023-04, Black/Brushed Steel

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Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Glass Jug, Easy Top II Model, 1023-04, Black/Brushed Steel
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Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Glass Jug, Easy Top II Model, 1023-04, Black/Brushed Steel

  • The ideal coffee maker for smooth flavour-rich coffee, Transparent 1.25 L water tank, Easy-to-read front-facing water level indicator for 10 large cups (125ml) or 15 small cups (85ml)
  • Exceptional taste: optimal temperature preparation, Keeps coffee warm for 40 minutes, Borosilicate glass jug, Stainless steel panels on removable filter and jug handle
  • Anti-drip system, Compatible with 1 x 4 filters, Jug with cup level indicator, Compact design, Base with integrated storage compartment for cable
  • Machine washable detachable filter, Auto-off feature, 1050 W, Designed in Germany
  • Contents: 1 Melitta Easy Top II Filter Coffee Machine, Black/Brushed Steel, 1023-04, Weight: 1.36 kg, HxWxD: 295 x 170 x 224 mm, Cable: 70 cm, 5 Original Melitta White Coffee Filters
Weight 2.50 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 25 cm




11 reviews for Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Glass Jug, Easy Top II Model, 1023-04, Black/Brushed Steel

  1. Big Al

    Excellent little machine.

    Compact little coffee maker that is perfect for couple and domestic use.Not sure how well it will last, but so far ok. Easy to use and the water container has a handy scale.The lid on the glass jar does spring open when pooring and feels flmsy.

  2. Mr D G Morgan


    Bought to make coffees for a family breakfast and it does a great job. Easy to use, flasks keep the coffee hot for a good length of time and there are 2 so a constant supply of coffee is guaranteed.

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  3. granny

    Good little machine

    This is good, going from a tassimo machine, my only comment would be it would be better with a longer not plate time, maybe an hour, as it gets cold quickly.

  4. Sonicscot

    Better than expected

    I wanted a coffee machine that would work with a smart plug, this one does exactly that.I wanted one that could keep the coffee hot for at least an hour, this one does that too.Today is the first time I’ve used this machine and I’m pleased to say that it did its job perfectly. It responded to my Alexa instruction, the coffee was the ideal temperature and the pot kept the coffee hot for over an hour.I should add that the taste of the coffee was much better than from the old machine that I put in the bin this morning.I’m very pleased that I chose this as my new coffee machine. Highly recommended.

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  5. Bod

    Actually better for not having a hotplate

    Like a lot of people working from home I miss the decent coffee in the office so thought I would need to do something about that, so saw this.The unusual thing about this unit is it has no hotplate to keep the coffee hot, instead it has an insulated jug whit a decent seal on the lid.It only takes a few minutes to make a pot of coffee (it makes four decent mugs worth) and keeps it hot enough to drink for four hours or so.For me that’s about right as I can put the coffee on when I get up, take the pot to the ‘office’ and just top up as I go on.It’s all down to the coffee you use but it does make a good cup of coffee and cleaning is easy as you just run a tank full of water through it without the coffee/filter paper.

  6. Jean Hodes

    Back to basics

    I’ve gone through quite a few coffee machines, starting with a basic filter, a Keurig while I was in America, then back to the UK and two Tassimos then a Ninja (filter machine with extras). All of these failed and so now I’m back to a basic filter machine and wonder why I left one. It does a perfect job for someone like me who just drinks black coffee. I can alter the strength by adding or subtracting the amount of coffee used and can make as much or as little coffee as I need. What more does anyone want. This is the perfect machine for me – does what it says on the tin and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  7. Soul Fan

    Makes good coffee

    The vacuum flask works great. And this can be activated on a smart plug.I’ve had hotplate machines in the past and this is way better for keeping the coffee flavour exactly as brewed.The actual coffee is surprisingly good too. You can see the drip in progress by lifting the flap. It doesn’t saturate the coffee too quickly and there is a good bloom in there. Also the water temperature is hot from the start (some others start with lukewarm water). I’ve used a plastic pour over and a Clever Dripper and the flavour of the brew compares well with both of those.The vacuum pot itself is pleasingly chunky with a push button release to pour – very well made. As others have said it might be a little tricky to clean because you can’t get your hand through the neck.The water reservoir and main body of the machine is – unfortunately – a bit plasticky and looks like you might have be careful with it. Particularly the swing-out coffee filter holder part which mounts on a couple of plastic studs so you can pop it out to clean it. I can see those studs or the mount on the main machine snapping off in time.You can set the coffee brewing without inserting the jug underneath and the water will be held in the filter. If you are only making one cup you can use this to brew the coffee to a fuller flavour by letting it sit. However, don’t make the mistake I made and put too much water in the reservoir without the jug in place – it will overflow out of the top of the filter. There is no cut-off to sense when the filter is full.

  8. Sarah Sketchley

    Easy to use and simple timer function

    Does exactly what I wanted – makes good filter coffee and I can programme it to be ready when I get up. Filter section removes for cleaning.

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  9. Carol Christiansen

    Good brew, tidy.

    I wanted an easy coffee machine that made a quality brew for a small office. The Melitta two-carafe drip coffee maker completely fits the bill. It is simple to use, the paper filters mean no more mess with coffee grounds. The two carafes give us plenty of coffee to share and we are not subjected to coffee sitting on a hotplate and becoming “stewed”. The insulated carafes can be placed on the meeting table, keeping coffee warm and avoiding staff having to get up for refills. I have reduced by one star on cleaning because I cannot figure out how to remove the plastic holder for the filter to rinse this under the tap. I would recommend purchase, sorry we did not buy one long ago.

  10. Jj, London

    Generally good machine

    Generally a good machine, makes good coffee. The filter section swings out for easy placement of filter paper (up to size 4). When using it appears the water flows through really fast (like a tap rather than a drip) but it doesn’t seem to affect the strength of the coffee. The only slight drawback is that the hotplate under the jug gets extremely hot and stews the coffee unless you take it off within a couple of minutes of being made. I actually burnt my hand on it when I felt it to see how hot it was. Otherwise it’s a ‘keeper’.

  11. Gordon Saunders

    Great machine at a great price

    Firstly, I paid £20 for this machine to replace a broken French press. Thought it would be easier as it could brew larger volumes.It’s really easy to use – add the water, pop in a filter and add the coffee. Switch it on and away it goes. I weigh the coffee according to the amount of water and I find 30g for 6 cups is fine for my taste. People moaning that there isn’t an option for brew strength need to remember that it’s a £20 machine.No issues with leaking – it’s got a mechanism where the jug presses on the button to release the coffee. It drips down into the jug fine and has several holes to help this process. Never had an issues with leaks and I’ve used the machine about 40 times so far. Keeps the coffee hot and on the odd occasion where I haven’t finished the pot, I just pour another cup and microwave it for 45 seconds.Jug is glass – easy to clean. Very happy with it.

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